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Criminimancy 1.01 - Dance Along the Artery

Show: Criminimancy ([community profile] criminimancy)
Episode title: Dance Along the Artery
Author: zeldaophelia
Genre: Crime, Urban fantasy
Rating TV-14
Cast: Haim Abbass, Jon Huertas, Emanuelle Vaugier, Terry Chen, Jasika Nicole, and Eddie Cahill. [Premise/Character Bible]
Guest Cast: Michelle Forbes, Marlyne Afflack, and Chris Byrne.
Word count: 40,000

1.01 - Dance Along the Artery

Summary: After a third brutal murder is committed, Special Agent Matt Ryan calls in an old colleague for advice. The last thing he was expecting was the entire team to join them, or to be thrust back into his past.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six

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Delaney - Disavow

The first part of Disavow

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The Beginning

Author: dangerusliasons

Cast: Megan Delaney[Torri Higginson], Edward Harrison[Reed Diamond] , Derek Cross[Joe Flanigan] , Claire Gray[Tamara Taylor], Lee Kim[John Cho], Evelyn Bishop[Katie McGrath], Jennifer Hollister[Trisha Helfer], Lauren Taylor , Victor Creig[William Fitchner]

Summary: A crack team of CIA agents, attempts to hunt down the terrorist organization, responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians. It's a race against time, to find them, or hunt them down before the second attack.

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Show Premiere: Historica

Show: Historica
Author: angelqueen04
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy/Historical Fiction
Rating: TV-14
Warnings: Violence
Word Count: ~16,000 words
Notes: Posted in three parts on my LJ, Dreamwidth, and IJ accounts. A huge thanks to lone_pyramid for her excellent beta skills, and many, many thanks to azarsuerte for creating an amazing set of credits.

Show Premise
History and time are fluid, easily subject to manipulation. A secret group, known simply as ‘The Organization’, stands ready from the shadows to preserve the timeline in its true form and has done so for many years. However, there are those who are not so noble in their intentions and work to exploit time and history for their own mysterious and sinister gain.

A war for control over time and space is about to begin, and the fighters are those that history has pitied or forgotten…

Historica Opening Credits, by azarsuerte
Historica Character Bible

Episode One: Mantle
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Haven: Nathan & Audrey

Show Premiere: SLEEPER

Show: Sleeper
Author: pennythepants 
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Posted as four parts at pennys_sleeper (watch to read!).  A HUGE thanks to FreedomFighter2184 for being an awesome beta. :D

Show premise:

The Sleeper Program is a secret weapons experiment that hacks into brains of innocent people, creating sleeper spies and assassins. The hosts are usually left unaware. But the programming is far from perfect, and any problems must be eliminated immediately.

Classified as a Glitch, someone aware of her Sleeper persona, Charlie Moore is marked for execution. Hunted by ruthless killers who could be just about anybody, Charlie joins a small group Glitches working against the Program, hoping to bring it down once and for all.

 Helping them is the brilliant but brain damaged scientist Watson Harris, who has a few secrets of his own...

legend | bowie & thin white duke

"Order of Protection" Episode 1.02 - Grievances

Order of Protection, an original series by airlocking
Episode Number: 1.02
Episode Title: Grievances
Episode Rating: TV-14
Synopsis: The second day on the job proves to be difficult for Simon as he has his younger brother to deal with, as well as the pretty but irksome guidance counselor, not to mention a potential problem with one of his guards.

The character bible, as well as the "Pilot" episode, are also up at oops_fiction. Don't forget to watch the community for updates, if you enjoy the 'show'!
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Quis Custodiet -- Series Premier

Show: Quis Custodiet
Author: kat_rowe
Genre: fantasy, cop drama
Rating: TV-14
Notes: Set in a fantasy realm or not, this is not meant for the little ones. There will be violence, there will be death, there will be good people doing bad things. It should be noted before you start reading that, in the world where this story takes place, slavery, prostitution, organized crime, warfare, paganism, and homosexuality are all par for the course. If any of these offend you unduly, you may not want to read this. Otherwise, enjoy and please remember that feedback and concrit are love. But kindly be gentle. This is the first time I've ever shared original fic with any kind of audience.

Character Bible:

Opening Credits:

Episode 1 (~11,000 words)
The Calm That Comes Before

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Show Premiere: The Quest

*jumps up and down* It's showtime!

Show: The Quest
Author: bookwormprinces
Genre: action/adventure, sci-fi
Rating: PG-13 for swashbuckling and a few smoochies ;)
Notes: ljmckay  is the world's greatest beta AND bff. I had to post in 4 pieces 'cause LJ is stupid. The episode is on my journal, but it's not flocked. I will hopefully begin posting the other episodes in the fall. Feel free to watch/friend me. I'll eventually make a comm just for Quest-fic.


Episode One

(character Bible here)

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